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Do you know a thing or two about professional online marketing? Do you enjoy working for yourself and making good money? Would you like to forge a real partnership with a progressive and emerging organisation with global ambitions and a proven business model? Then this opportunity is for you.

If you have some interest in the environmental, social and economic impact of your own brand choices then you are already highly qualified for entry into the eb Affiliate Partnership Program. You certainly do not need to be an expert in environmental, social or economic issues. You just need to care. We have invested more than 10 years developing the eb Rating Engine, which we have successfully tested on over `100 companies distributed across every continent. We have discovered a way of rating organisations and qualifying them as genuine ethical brands irrespective of whether or not they choose to participate in our research. using a unique, data-driven approach using combinations of crowd-sourcing data from qualified stakeholders During this time the actual underlying algorythms our system has been kept under wraps and is poised to revolutionise public perceptions of businesses around the world.

You don't need to drive traffic. Our systems do that. What we do together is create NOISE. NOISE is an acronym 'Node Of Interest Send Email'. A Node of Interest is created when an eb Affiliate Partner enters the full legal name and main office address of any business (that may be registered in any country) into the eb Rating Engine.

NOISE is created when the eb Affiliate Partner enters basic profile information including the full name, email address and head office telephone number of the organisation's 2 most senior executives (i.e.: Chairman or Chairwoman (Chair), Chief Executive (CEO), any Board Director or Owner) which triggers a Send Email in our system.

The email is sent to each of the named executives and it contains a formal invitation from the Ethical Brand Foundation to contribute to our research by responding to a few survey questions concerning the organisation's commitment to policies that respect the environmental, social and economic concerns of their stakeholders. Each invitation is generated automatically once sufficient data has been entered into the profile of that particular organisation.

How do I Earn Money?

As an eb Affiliate Partner, whenever an invitation you generate actually gets delivered via email to at least 2 senior executives, you own a lifetime piece of all revenue that company spends with us. The size of the company doesn't matter but it must have a website and be engaged in any legal and legitimate enterprise that may be in virtually any industry, anywhere. The only exceptions are those entities associated with the provision, production and distribution of products and services that perpetuate war, or pornography.

That may range from the current price of a listing in the eb Online Directory, from which we will pay you US$20. the products or services you're promoting have on the environment, on communities and economies around the world.

eb Affiliate Partners represent the frontline of our business development process. then you should an opportunity that enables you to do both of those things. And here's why and how:

"Nearly all global consumers expect companies to act responsibly. Consumers see their own power to make an impact in so many ways: the products they buy, the places they work and the sacrifices they are willing to make to address social and environmental issues"

Source: The 2015 Cone Communications / Ebiquity Global CSR Study

So naturally, the next question consumers are asking is: “which are the right brands to buy, to work for and invest in?” How can we distinguish genuine ethical brands from all of those that claim to care about their environmental impact, about the people who work for them and those who make the stuff they sell and those who buy the stuff they make? The sad fact of the matter is most consumers are incapable of distinguishing a genuine ethical brand from one that just looks the part. This is because we simply don't have the information or insight we need to do that and even if we did, we wouldn't have the time to make any sense of it all. That is, until now.

"The Ethical Brand Directory is not the only database of organisations that claim to be ethical, but it is the only one where these claims are authenticated each and every day. And all registered ethical brands have one thing in common: they respect the values of a humane, civilised, polite and just society."

William Smith ~ Founder, Ethical Brand Foundation

Organisations that really do care about the same things that most ordinary people care about need to become more visible and easier to identify in the marketplace. Only genuine ethical brands are listed in the Ethical Brand Directory and licensed to display the Ethical Brand Identity™ or so that everyone can instantly identify the products and services that deserve their hard-earned money.

Our research tells us that there are at least 1 million unidentified ethical brands worldwide - ranging from self-employed trades people such as plumbers and decorators to local shops, restaurants and hotels as well as franchise networks, manufacturers and service providers. By helping us to introduce them into the Ethical Brand Directory you will not only be earning a generous commission, but helping everyone make better choices. Choices that are better for the environment, better for people and better for our economies.

Ready to get going? All you need to do is register as an eb affiliate and then introduce your Facebook, Twitter and any of your other social networks to the Ethical Brand Directory. We provide you with ready made banners as well as your own unique affiliate link to the Ethical Brand Directory. When anyone clicks on your unique link and subsequently purchases a listing in the Ethical Brand Directory we will pay you a generous 30% commission. You can log in right here at any time and review your personal traffic statistics and conversions in real-time.

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